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On 3 June 2018, the sport event Ohrid trcaT will be held for the second time. Like the first year, Ohrid trcaT 2018 offers all professionals, recreational runners and racing enthusiasts several races, a race of 10 and 5 kilometers and a team building race as part of the 5 km race. You have the unique opportunity to run along the streets of Ohrid the city of UNESCO and to connect with the world history, culture and natural wealth that we believe will be a good reason to participate in.

Ohrid trcaT is a product of our desire for a different and more interesting Ohrid, Ohrid, where the streets will be used for running and recreation, Ohrid, where everyone will be friends and have fun from the youngest to the eldest. Ohrid trcaT from its first year indicated that the interest for this kind of recreation is very large and very necessary. Street racing is becoming more established throughout the streets of many cities around the world, but Ohrid trcaT’s uniqueness as a race is that it gives all participants a rare opportunity to recreate and socialize with the city with a lively culture and natural treasures that exists for 2500 years.


Date:  16.06.2018. (Saturday) 

Place of competition: SC “TIMI” STRUGA                                   

Weighting: Saturday

Unofficial: 16.06.2018 from 08.30-09.00 

Official 15.06.2018 from 09.00-18.00h and 16.06.2018  from  09.00-10.00h 

Draw and opening ceremony 10.00 

Competition start: 10.30

Competition fee: 10 € per athlete

Double start: 5 € per athlete 

ACCOMODATION: 10 EUR, 15 EUR  (per person - bed and breakfast) 

Insurance: The organizer of the event will not take any responsibility in case of injury.

All participants should have insurance for injuries. 

AWARDS: Medals, Certificates and Cups. 


Gjorgija Stojanov +389 75 268 638 

Bosko Veljanovski +389 71 228 751 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


BVI overview 1

This  Saturday,  Feb 17 2018 at 06:00 pm will be held  a sailing seminar by Hugo Scharff/UK Sailmakers at Villa & Winery Mal Sv. Kliment, Metodi Patcev 10, Ohrid, Macedonia. If you are there and if you find sailing interesting visit this event. 


The first MTB Cycling camp in Ohrid as ideal location for training and technical improvement of mtb riders will be held from 24th February until 04th March in Ohrid.  During the 9 days camp the programme consists of pre afternoon and post afternoon periods.   

The pre afternoon period will consist of bike training activities with various intensities, volumes and technical improvements.   Training will be divided among two groups depending on the riders fitness for this time of the year with possibilities for further adaptation based on personal planned trainings.

Post afternoon period every day in the afternoon will be dedicated to two theoretical training seminars each lasting one hour.  During the seminars discussions will be mainly on how to rich optimal form during XC racing year, how to use power meter in MTB cycling,  how to train and set your goals during the racing season, how to plan your training, nutrition, how long and how to do tapering are just some of the subjects that will be interactively explained and discussed during the camp period.

Instructor of the camp will be professional International UCI Level 2 coach  Amar Njemcevic, cycling team coach for BIH and official cycling coach for professional UCI cycling team SMF from Greece.

After the registration a full plan of the camp schedule and programme will be provided via email. Registration email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The purpose of the Water Sports Day is to animate the public about various water sports disciplines, a competitive part for every sport, sports among friends, as well as sharing experiences and testing of different equipment in which athletes prove their abilities. The event will take place on the biggest city beach in Struga - Male beach, in front of the Snezhar - Struga Sailing Club, on September 8, 2017.

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