restaurant ostrovo
The restaurant Ostrovo is located on southeast side of Lake Ohrid on the one of the two islands in the springs of Crn Drim river, near the monastery of St. Naum Ohridski surrounded with the best nature in the wider region of Ohrid. The restaurant offers place for 90 persons whereas on terrace can sit additional 80 persons in the winter, during the spring and summer whole island becomes a garden-restaurant with more than 500 places for our tourists. Boat cruise above the springs of Black Drim River Very famous are the boat tours along the 700 meters springs, mother of the Lake Ohrid - river Crn Drim. From 45 discovered springs, 30 are underwater. These springs are home of endemic flora and fauna like spices of alga with violet color and the most specific small water turtles, which are very rare and can be seen from June to October.

Telephone: +389 46 283 090
Address: Saint Naum,Ohrid, 6322
wonderful place and food

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