Taste Ohrid in October
Gastronomy & Adventure

Friday 12.10

08:00 Master Class at FTU 
Michelin Star - Chef Giorgio Diana
Chef Giorge Kostic
Chef Radu Zamescu
16:00 Аpplication for participation - Cycling & Biking 
17:00 Sunset Cocktail Traditional Maкedonian cuisine

Saturday 13.10

09:00 Cycling "Tour the Lake, Respect the Lake"
17:00 Gala Dinner - Michelin star Chef Giorgio Diana

Sunday 14.10

09:00 Biking - MTB maraton "Spiridon Adventure" 
17:00 Chef Dejan Karapeev - Fish and Sea Food

Taste Ohrid

The second edition of the Short film festival Drim Short 2018, which will be held in the CK “Miladinovci Brothers” in Struga, from 12-14th of October. Last year edition and the attention that the festival attracted not only to the Struga audience, but also to the filmmakers from Macedonia, make us to think about expanding the festival program, both for viewers and participants. 

Our desire this year is to add fresh colors to the autumn cultural offer in the town of Struga, through diversity program of short films. Using the universality of the film language and the communication with the audience, under the slogan “One language, a thousand stories” we want the audience to get know better the short film form, to strengthen the film culture in the town and to contribute Struga to become regional film core for the film artists from Macedonia and the regional countries. 

That is why give international character to Drim Short 2018. In addition to the national program, this year we will have regional selection of short movies, as well as student program, which will allow the film students from Macedonia to represent their films in front of the audience. In the same time, we will give chance to the ideas and the screenplays, so for this purpose we will select the best five ideas of young authors from Macedonia, who will compete for the symbolic prize, which will be a motive for their further work and attitude towards the film.

Beside the film program, this year we will have the honor to welcome in Struga some eminent film makers from Macedonia and the region. They will contribute to the program with their film experience, and share with the young authors and students.

Drim short festival

The 25th International Music Festival "Ohrid Fest - Ohridski trubaduri", will be held from 6th to 8th September, will feature over 70 artists. Besides the Macedonian folk and pop performers, the festive will also feature famous artist names from the Balkan countries .... Carlos (Bulgaria), Jacques Houdek, Group of Colonies (Croatia), Pantelis Constantidis (Greece), Alen Islamovic (BIH), Balkanika group (Serbia), Merima Njegomir (Serbia)
 For music lovers it will be an opportunity for a nice holiday and a dance party at the end of the summer. At the festival, there will be more marked and renowned singers, and on Folk Evening will perform Blagica Pavlovska, "Skopje Boemi", Petar Nechovski, Nino Velichkovski, Milica Kuzmanovska, Milovan Sekulovski, "Molika", Zoran Hristov ... .. and on the Pop Evening - Daniel Kajmakovski, Ognen Zdravkovski, Pepa, Denis Dimovski, Lena, Gjoko Gjorcev, Zarmena.
OT 2018

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Feelmotion is a festival of student films and filmmakers meetings organized by the students of FIOFA with the support of the Academy.

FEELMOTION is designed by and aimed at the next generation of filmmakers from the Balkans and beyond. Created as a way of bringing together like-minded film lovers and maintaining relationships from different parts of the world, Feelmotion is not a typical film festival – there is no serious competition between filmmakers here, just a wish for fellow enthusiasts to build a better filmmaking future – where we can meet as contemporary filmmakers.

   April 2 – April

     Feelmotion           Film Festival

     b.b., Partizanska, Ohrid

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The intention of тхе invitation is to celebrate life, love and friendship trough dance and music. The festival light motive is to gather all veteran groups from all over the world and remind ourselves of the events worth remembering. The International Veterans Festival of Dance and Songs "Ohrid Waves" will be held for the 10th time in Ohrid from 06th June till 09th June, 2018.The Folk Festival is a non-competitive sample of traditional and modern dances and music performed by folkloric groups.On the festival can participate folk groups, modern dance groups, vocal groups, instrumental groups and soloists, choirs as well as groups and performers from other art styles.  Do not hesitate to contact the festival team for any additional information.

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